Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts for foodies

Finding Valentine’s Day gifts can be a complete mind-field. From the cringe to the downright disgusting, sifting your way through is hard work.

So, I’ve tried and tested the best products for foodies this Valentine’s Day and have listed my top 5 below (and pre-warning, it includes a lot of chocolate).

  1. Slim Prosecco

A bottle of prosecco is a go to gift that can be shared together. But if, like me, you enjoy eating and drinking, thinking about those calories can sometimes take over. SlimLine Wines means you don’t have to. The bottle looks really posh and just like a normal prosecco. Difference is, this is guilt free. There is a selection of wine all made from vineyards which are carefully situated to help make great wine, but without sugar or carbs (thus reducing the calorie count). It has an ABV of 10.5% and contains just 373 calories.

2. Chococo Valentine’s Hamper

Chococo have been crafting luxury chocolate gifts in Dorset since 2002 and use origin chocolate and local seasonal ingredients. Perhaps this is why since I first tried their products at Christmas I have been hooked.

For Valentine’s Day they have brought out a Valentine’s Hamper (£32.50) which I would LOVE to receive. The box includes five items, which are all beautifully valentine themed.

3. Lily O’Brien Petit Indulgence

Lily O’Brien is one of my favourite mainstream chocolate manufacturers, and they never fail to disappoint. I recommend the Petit Indulgence collection (£8.80) which is filled with an assortment of 24 chocolates with deliciously decadent Creme Brulee, Key Limey Pie, Raspberry Infusion, Passion Fruit Posset, Banoffee Pie and Hazelnut Torte.

4. Paxton & Whitfield Coeur De Neufchatel heart shaped cheese

Paxton & Whitfield are the oldest cheesemongers in the UK, and they certainly know what they are doing. I love their heart shaped Coeur De Neufchatel cheese- it isn’t even that way just for Valentine’s Day- the artisan way in which these cheese are fabricated means that they can take on several forms with the most widespread being the original heart shape ‘le coeur’.

The story goes that the young women of Neufchâtel-en-Bray offered this cheese to their gallant knights during the Hundred Years War. The monks preferred to say that it represented the wings of an angel. The cheese became very popular in Paris in the early 1800s and is still well-loved today.

The cheese (£6.32) is close to a Camembert in texture and taste and is perfect for sharing.

5. Jenny Wren chocolates

Jenny Wren state on their website that they believe there is nothing better than a box of chocolates, and they are completely right. There really isn’t, and there isn’t isn’t anything better than their Belgian chocolate section. The chocolates alone are gorgeous, and the selection includes a fantastic array of flavours. But apart from this the packaging is simply beautiful- it comes in a three tier box which I fully intend to keep after as a storage box!

The original collection chocolate box comes with an assortment of 12 chocolates (white, milk and dark) and costs £8.49.

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