Review: The Big Family Cooking Showdown

Since Love Productions controversially sold the Great British Bake Off to Channel 4 earlier this year, the BBC have been planning their replacement.

Last week they unveiled their first episode which I unfortunately missed (not sure how I wasn’t aware it was on) but I did manage to tune into this week’s instalment.

Just like the Bake Off, it features everyday people from all walks of life making food for professional chefs, Rosemary Shrager and Giorgio Locatelli, to judge as two hosts, Zoe Ball and Nadiya Hussain, watch over them.

The series follows 16 families who compete against each other in heats to be crowned the winners.

So what do I think?

Firstly, I’m not sure I enjoy the different people on each episode. One aspect I really liked about Bake Off was that you got to like and dislike certain contestants and really felt like you knew them. There isn’t enough airtime to do this with The Big Family Cooking Showdown.

The other issue I have with this show is the presenters. Naydia is great at this, but she knows how to cook! The beauty of having Mel and Sue present was their jovial comments that we at home were making, and that didn’t shine through here. I can’t even remember hearing Zoe Ball speak, so she can’t have made that much of an impression.

The dishes the families made were below mediocre, and the comments from the judges were as bland as the salmon dinner the Dawes Family in this weeks heat.

Overall, I’m disappointed. Looking forward to seeing what the Bake Off brings next week…

The Big Family Cooking Showdown is on BBC 2 on Tuesdays at 8 pm.


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