Review: My Relationship with Food by Lisa Roukin

From first glance, My Relationship with Food looks like any other cookbook. It has great photography and looks clean and slick. But it’s so much more than just that.

Written by Lisa Roukin, a Le Cordon Bleu chef, the book not only includes great recipes, but gives an insight into Lisa’s personal challenges around body image and eating (something most women will suffer from at some point in their life).

The book includes over 100 recipes, all of which are gluten free and don’t contain refined sugar or loads of carbohydrates. But, unlike most healthy-eating cookbooks, still contains loads of recipes you’re interested in making like lamb chops and beef stew. It shows you that eating healthy doesn’t need to be restrictive, making it far easier to stick to.

It doesn’t just focus on weight loss and eating, which is a key factor of most healthy eating books. This book also focuses heavily on mindfulness and how to change your attitude to food.

It’s  handily split into seasons, which makes it easy to see what you should be eating when, and then categorised by meal, making it easy to plan your meals.

There is also a “cheat sheet” which I love and think is a great idea which points you in the right direction of recipes when you have a craving for a chocolate bar, fry up, or deep fried chicken to name but a few.

When I tested the recipes, I found them extremely easy to follow and they all have photos! Something that, if you’ve read any of my other book reviews, you’ll know is a pet peeve of mine. I love seeing what I’ll be making and how it should look at the end.

Although some of the recipes ask for things you may not have in your cupboards, most use household ingredients and don’t have massive lists of items you’ll need. They’re also pretty easy to adapt should you dislike something that is added, or have a picky family.

I’ve really enjoyed reading Lisa’s story and can’t wait to make more of her fabulous recipes.

A lovely read that goes beyond being a cookbook with beautiful food photography that makes you drool, My Relationship with Food is available to buy here.   You can also check out her website.



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