Best cocktail bars in Nottingham

Confession… I love cocktails almost as much as baking. Although, I know if you know me well, that won’t come as a surprise! I thought, therefore, that listing my favourite haunts in Nottingham would make a good blog post, particularly as I keep getting asked for my opinions on the matter. That must mean I am becoming quite the expert. It must be all the ‘research trips’ I’ve been on in the last few months!

The below are my favourites in no particular order…

  1. Revolution De Cuba

Located just up from Debenhams off the Old Market Square, Revs De Cuba offers a slice


of cuban culture without having to step on a 10 hour flight. It’s a large bar inside and opens until 3am… plus they give out free maracas! What isn’t to love…

As for the cocktails, they’re priced at around £8 each, but I think this is great value when you look at the size you get. They also do happy hour deals, so make sure you check out the website. They’re all rum based and not only do they taste amazing, but look even better- something I think is particularly important when it comes to cocktails. I reviewed their fabulous food last year. Read more here.

2. The Rum House

rum houseIf you’re looking for a quiet place to sit down and have a chat with your friends, The Rum House is the place to go. Inside the decor pays homage to rum’s Cuban roots. There is plenty of seating and an abundant cocktail (and yummy food) menu. Though, by name, rum is their passion, there are also a wide range of other cocktails using different spirits. Priced at around £8 a drink I think these are a little more pricey per sip as they are much smaller in size than Revs de Cuba, but the quality is equally good (if not a little better). It is clear that the Rum House use quality rum in their drinks. Open until 1am at the weekend and 11pm on weeknights. See my review of their upstairs, Bad Juju at number 10.

3. Bear and Lace


Bear and Lace is a beautifully decorated prosecco bar bear and lacelocated on Maid Marian Way. It’s small in size, but being able to sit by the window and watch the world go by adds to the quirk of this place. They also put on live music and often have 241 deals.


4. Pitcher and Piano


pitcher and piano

Located in an old church in the Lace Market, Pitcher and Piano has arguably one of the best backdrops in the country. The cocktails may not be the most adventurous, but they offer free cocktails every month when you sign up to their newsletter. What’s not to love.




5. Tilt

Tilt is a “hidden” bar located on Pelham street on the first floor. The entrance is up a flight of stairs, and the bar itself is located over a couple of floors. Although there is not that many seats, there is ample area for standing and there is a really great atmosphere. The cocktail list is extensive, and are priced at around £7, but are served (mostly) in reasonably large glasses.

6. Pepper Rocks


Located on Bridlesmith Gate in Nottingham (tucked around the corner of American Apparel), Pepper Rocks is a really homey retro bar with low slung sofas and comfy seating (a god send when you have been walking around in high heels!). The pricing is also something to make you smile. ALL the cocktails are £4.50 until 10pm, and there is a reasonable selection of all the classics.



7. Turtle Bay

From Cuba to the Caribbean, Turtle Bay is a chain restaurant that serves fabulously tasty food and serves amazing cocktails. Again focusing on rum, can you tell that is my favourite yet? Turtle Bay offer 241 cocktails during happy hour (5 pm – 7 pm and 10 pm- close) or £7.15 outside of these times. Their menu has over 25 rum cocktails and they are all served in creative ways.

8. Bunk

20664882_1282493441872779_8585876198275395375_nIf you’re out in search of cheap chicken wings and cocktails, Bunk is definitely the place to go. Located on Lower Parliment Street and Stoney Street, most of their cocktails come served in quirky jam jars, and are really yummy. They’re also £4.50 between 5 pm and 10 pm.


9. Tier


Based next to Pit & Pendulum, Tier is a relatively new to the scene cocktail and cheese bar (again, what is not to love?). It focuses on cheese melts and offers cocktails at £4 during happy hour.

10. Bad Juju

Bad Juju is located above The Rum House and is branded and decorated as a Tiki bar. Unlike the downstairs version, Bad Juju is set out with a dance floor and often has local DJs playing.

The drinks come with mini umbrellas, swizzle glow sticks, and much like the Rum House, ample rum. They also have 2 for 1 on selected cocktails every Friday and Saturday from 7 pm until 10 pm.






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