Book of the month: Dairy Diary Favourites

Title: Dairy Diary Favourites

Author: Dairy Diary

RRP: £8.25

Rating: 5/5 


This month I’ve had the pleasure to review Dairy Diary’s new cookbook which celebrates 35 years of the brand.

The book has a delicious mix of both traditional favourites and contemporary dishes with extremely simple and easy to follow instructions. The big plus point for me is that every dish has a photo- something that many recipe books are lacking.

Split into two sections, the book covers speedy weekday meals and crowd-pleasing dishes for family and friends covering starters, mains and deserts and bakes- I can’t wait to make the Lemon Chicken and Pigs in Blankets. image2

At the bottom of each page the book also includes a QR code which you can scan with your smart phone to download a shopping list for each recipe- very useful. It also has cooks tips again for every recipe, such as knowing what size meat to use and how to know when it is cooked.

For those of us who are more nutritionally focused, the book also includes calories and fat breakdowns, which would be really useful for planning your meals each week.

The recipes are very simple to follow, and although they may not challenge you as much as some recipe books, it provides tasty fantastic quick and easy workday winners and family favourites.

Priced at a very reasonable £8.25, Dairy Diary is available to buy via the Dairy Diary website.


*The products in this review were kindly gifted to me, but this does in no way influence my fair and unbiased reviews*






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