New year, new home

First of all apologies for the lack of posting this month. I hope you will forgive me, for I have a pretty good excuse. I’ve been moving into my first home with my boyfriend and it has taken some unpacking to clear all my stuff from my parents house (I am a hoarder!)

Of course, no new house would be complete without some new additions for the kitchen, and so I wanted to share with you my favourite products that have helped make our new house really feel like home.

  1. Salter digital scales

Salter are the creme de la crop when it comes to scales and I really wouldn’t think to shop anywhere else. Thank goodness then, that they do a perfect slim line scale in the exact colour scheme for my kitchen- green! Priced at £13.99 you won’t get better quality for price.

2. Doris and Co vintage style jug

I love my Doris and Co jug, which I use as a utensils holder. It’s really great for adding a bit of a vintage feel to your kitchen, and keeping everything together for when you need it. Normally priced at £34.95 selected styles are now on offer at £17.48.

3. Sabichi silicon utensils

Perfect for filling the above mentioned jug, some silicon utensils from Sabichi. An absolute kitchen essential, I was delighted with the quality of these utensils. Whether you’re a novice or skilled chef the silicone kitchen tools are a great addition to any kitchen.  Priced from £2.50 these really are an absolute bargain and better than some of the higher priced utensils on the market.

4. Aldi copper frying pan

I’ve always wanted a copper frying pan, and at half the price of most similar products on the market, the Aldi special buy copper frying pan priced at £19.99 is a no brainier. I’m not sure if these products are still avaliable to buy (as they often sell out quickly), but Aldi is a great, and often unthought of place to buy kitchen goodies at great prices.

5. Ulster Weavers- The Hound range

My absolute favourite in the entire house is my new doggy teapot from Ulster Weaver. I love it! Anyone who knows me well will know that my two greatest loves in life are food, and dogs, so this is perfect. And they do an entire range! The teapot is priced at £35.00 and it is produced in delicate bone china- but still strong enough to withstand daily use.



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