Essential Christmas products

At Christmas it’s important not to miss any of the essentials off the shopping list. Turkey, check, cranberry sauce, check, mincemeat, check. In this post I take a look at some of my top three favourite products ahead of the festive season.

  1. Primula cheese: I love the Christmas range from Primula. There are six different flavours on offer, which taste great by themselves
    simply spread or make really easy starters with these recipes.
  2. Colman’s Christmas condiments: You could faff around making all your condiments, or you could just buy them from Colman’s. They’re tasty and the Christmas packaging makes them look festive on the table, what’s not to love?
  3. Cake Decor edible glitter and choco writers: The whole Cake Decor website is full of really cool ideas and products to help you jazz up puddings
    and cakes. Both the choco writers and the edible glitter are really easy to use. Check out some of their festive recipe ideas here.

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