Review: The Ugly Bread Bakery, Nottingham

This lunchtime I tripped down the road to the Ugly Bread Bakery. I walk past every day on the way to work, and the stacks of pizzas, fancy breads, and luscious sandwiches. All, of course, freshly baked and prepared.

11375842_1643427389249919_791892567_nThe first thing that hits you is the price… it’s so cheap! But the quality is something that isn’t cut back. In my books, 9″ pizzas
that rival High Street pizza chains such as Pizza Express from £3 is a good deal.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays they even do a deal. Any 9″ pizza is £3 and 12″image1 £4.50.
When it came to taste, it didn’t disappoint. I was boring an ordered a margarita, but I went at the end of last week with a friend and sampled the pepperoni, which was equally as delicious.

The Ugly Bread Bakery has a really quaint feel to it, and with the prices so incredibly cheap you’ll feel like you’re getting a bargain. Highly recommended… I’ll be back.



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