Review: The Great British Bake Off series 6

Verging on being on the cusp of mid September, we are now well in to the midst of The Great British Bake Off series six. I must admit, I didn’t join the GBBO hype until a few years ago, but once I discovered it I well and truly submerged myself in the culture. You could even go as far to say that arguably the most successful British cooking competition to date inspired me to become an avid baker. It widened my horizons and taste buds beyond the simple Victoria Sponge and left me with a longing to create flavor combinations that Mrs Beeton would tut at in sheer disgust. You might even say that I was one of the biggest fans of the show.

However, I can’t help but feel that this series has left me a little deflated to put it politely. I don’t look forward to every Wednesday at 8pm, I don’t rush home to sit in front of the TV in my PJs being inspired by the latest creations and I definitely don’t feel motivated.The-Great-British-Bake-Off

Bake Off seems to have changed. For me the whole concept of the programme is to show off the Britishness of baking. How a simple pleasure, like cake, can bring us as a nation closer together. Yes, I do feel that I can still share my passion of cooking with others around these wet isles, but it’s the choice of tasks that have really got my hair up.

A bread sculpture? A biscuit box? A three tiered cheesecake? NO! I tune in to Bake Off with the hope of being able to take my own spin on the week’s tasks. But unfortunately the average punter, including me, is not blessed with five hours, ten ovens, and three kitchens worth of space to create a bread sculpture.

It seems, that like any long running series, the BBC have become drunk on success. Every week something more ridiculous is given as the show stopper task with the hope of one of the contestants not managing their time correctly and having another #Bingate moment. Yes, events like that make good telly, but frankly watching people wait around whilst they make three tiers of cheesecake is not entertaining.


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