Homemade Easter eggs

I break up for my FINAL EVER school (well uni is almost school, right?) holiday tomorrow, and so I decided to make some Easter treats for my lovely friends.

I don’t have much prior experience using image1 (19)chocolate so went in blind, but after seeing a few different tips and tricks on the internet I decided to take the plunge and try making my own Easter eggs.

I bought the Lakeland Easter Egg moulds which are £3.99 for 4 large half egg shell moulds and thirty six mini egg halves.

Having four large egg halves made the process a lot easier as I was able to make two eggs at once, and over all I was impressed with the quality of the product. It was easy to use and surprisingly easy-ish to get the chocolate out of the mould once it was set.

I decided to make fudge Easter eggs with both a white and milk chocolate shell, but by looking at other gourmet Easter eggs at retailers like Hotel Chocolat you can get some really fancy ideas.

Ingredients: (Makes 2 eggs)

– 500g milk chocolate

-50g white chocolate

-75g fudge (chopped into small squares)


1. Chop up your fudge and place in the centre of two of the large egg moulds. 
image2 (9)

2. Melt all the white chocolate and using a pastry brush paint on to the egg shell in a pattern. The thicker the layer the more it will show up over the darker milk chocolate. Once you have done this pop into the fridge and allow to set.

3. Then melt 200g of your chocolate and spoon over the top of the fudge to set it in place. After you have covered all of the fudge brush a layer of milk chocolate. Leave to set and repeat until you have at least 4 layers of chocolate. (100g per extra layer)

4. Once you have layered up leave to completely set in the fridge before turning out on a plate by pressing the moulds. To attach the egg halves together use melted chocolate and hold to seal. I also tied ribbon around the eggs to keep them together.

I picked up some Easter boxes from Poundworld which I put the eggs in to keep safe.image3 (5)


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