Review: Five Guys Nottingham

image1There seems to be some sort of obsession with English people and American culture, and the traditional burger and fries cuisine doesn’t escape this.

So, when I heard that the famously American fast food chain ‘Five Guys’ was opening a restaurant on Long Row in Nottingham my friend Vicky just had to check it out. Well, that’s our excuse for stuffing our faces with devilishly unhealthy food anyway.

Being a complete Five Guys newbie I went in blind and not really knowing what to expect. I can happily say that it lived up to my expectations of being TOTALLY American.

With traditional diner-style red and white décor, you could really imagine you were in the states… apart from the slight difference of being able to image1eat your dinner with a view of a pigeon infested grey Old Market Square, of course.

When it comes to the food, it lived up to my expectations which, to be fair, were pretty much that it was full of greasy cheesy and fatty goodness.


Many people associate burgers as quick and greasy, but a particularly good one is a thing of beauty- a satisfying gooey mess of all things ghoulishly unhealthy, with fine beef, melting cheese, fresh tomatoes and perfectly flavoursome onions.

Whilst Five Guys did live up to my high burger standards, I would expect a lot more for the price I paid. Just under a tenner for a fast food meal is extortionate no matter how good it tastes! image2

There may be over 250,000 ways to order and over 100 drinks to choose from, but in my books, over a fiver for a simple burger is expensive. With fries and a drink that’s around the price of a Nandos, and I’m sorry Five Guys, but you offer no competition to that.




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