Using honey as a healthy alternative to syrups and sweeteners

Cursed with a very sweet tooth, I will always opt to use a sweetener such as honey, golden syrup, maple syrup or even fruit such as apples in the most savoury of dishes.

I find that it adds a great second dimension of taste, and works really well with certain foods. The problem is, that whilst it may taste incredibly nice, adding extra sugar to meals by means of products such as golden syrup is unhealthy.

I find that, especially in the winter, adding a little bit of golden or maple syrup to foods like casseroles and roasted vegetables- particularly sweet potatoes and parsnips can be incredibly warming and tasty.

However, I recently decided to switch my syrup to the healthier alternative of honey and try out Haughton Honey after it had been creating quite a buzz in the culinary world.


What’s more, 5p from the sale of every jar goes to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to help protect bumblebees, and preserve and restore their habitats, so I couldn’t resist.

I have previously switched syrups for honey and found the taste not to be as intense, however it is definitely worth paying a little extra for a quality brand rather than the supermarket basics.

Haughton Honey features traces of dandelion, chestnut, lime, blackberry, clover and other wildflowers, and is cold extracted to protect the natural enzymes and proteins that make proper English honey so yummy.

It’s also 100% natural and pure which means no added unnatural sugars, meaning that it is a great healthy alternative for people like me who like a little sticky sweetness in their recipes without all the unnatural refined e numbers that go into a lot of other products.

Look out my “ Favourite honey recipes” post next week where I’ll be putting my honey to good use as a store cupboard essential.

For more information on Haughton Honey go to:


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